Often referred to as "potty training" or "toilet training", the road to bathroom independence can create a great deal of stress and anxiety for families and teachers.  

But it doesn't have to... 

After helping countless families navigate this time, Radicle Beginnings believes that with the right tools and knowledge, and the confidence to take a natural course of action, this process can be a positive one.  

Through an engaging workshop, Radicle Beginnings will help you understand when it is developmentally appropriate to begin the process of bathroom independence, along with:

  • How to introduce the toilet and potty
  • How to set up the environment to allow for maximum independence and success 
  • How to implement choices and what language to use 
  • What clothing and underwear is right for your child 
  • Navigating bathroom independence outside the home (errands, travel, etc.)
  • How to work through setbacks (new sibling, moving, transitions, travel, etc.) and remain consistent 
  • Navigating nighttime sleep and naps 
  • Introduction to Body-Safe language and practices 

This workshop can vary in length of time, from 1.5 hours to approx. 3.5 hours, and anything in between.  Radicle Beginnings is happy to accommodate your school or parent group's needs.