Does your child throw food on the floor consistently?  How about plates, cups or silverware chucked across the kitchen?  Is your child resistant to trying new foods?  Does your child refuse all food, and then come to you starving at bedtime/naptime?  Do you find yourself in a "mealtime funk"?  

If so, you are not alone.  Mealtimes with children can be challenging, especially for the toddler-age child who finds plenty of opportunity to test all the limits regarding food.  

One of the best ways to establish a healthy relationship with food and eating is by inviting your child to help with the process of preparing meals and snacks.  

Radicle Beginnings will conduct an engaging workshop where we will work together to set limits and freedoms revolving around the culture of the family or school, while also providing you with the tools you need to get cooking and baking in the kitchen with your child, how to set up healthy snacks, what language to use regarding food, and overall how to make mealtimes a more pleasant and positive experience for everyone

This workshop can vary in length of time, from 1.5 hours to approx. 4 hours, and anything in between.  Radicle Beginnings is happy to accommodate your school or parent group's needs.