A prepared environment is the key to success for your rapidly developing child.  Because your child is developing so quickly, the environment must change as they grow. 

Together, we will design your child's bedroom and bathroom,playspace, and family spaces for optimal development and independence.  While keeping the aesthetics of your family in mind, Radicle Beginnings will help you:

  • Purchase toys and materials for your child's age and ability
  • Arrange furniture for gross motor abilities
  • Design toys that help with fine motor development
  • Design your child's bedroom for maximum sleep, safety and organization
  • Design your child's bathroom for when you are ready to begin the bathroom independence journey
  • Design your outdoor area for purposeful play and work
  • Design your kitchen space 
  • Design activities to foster your child's desire to participate in household activities (mopping, sweeping, watering the plants, etc.)