"Fathers, you have rich milk for your children's souls - feed them - that the Earth might become a more compassionate place for us all." 

From the realm of Nurturing Men Series 

Studies have shown that fathers/partners who are active participants in their child's birth often have an ongoing active relationship with the child for life. 

It is important to remember that the father/partner goes through the adjustment of becoming a parent just like the mother, and experiences many physiological changes preparing to be a parent.   

During the symbiotic period (birth to 8 weeks) the father/partner has a dual role.  First, forming a protective barrier around the mother and baby by answering the phone, taking care of the other children, preparing meals, etc.  This is especially important around the time of nursing when the mother and baby are creating a secure bond.   Second, the father/partner's role is to create a personal relationship with the baby.  The mother has this opportunity naturally through breastfeeding, but the father/partner on the other hand has to create a ritualistic activity with the child.  This is done by participating in consistent activities like bathing the child, singing with the child, etc.  It does not matter the specifics of what is done, only that it is something special that the father/partner and baby do together.  

As the child grows older, if the father/partner has had an involved relationship with the child from birth, they will seamlessly continue to expand on the relationship and bond.  

Radicle Beginnings will provide father/partners with information on how to develop this loving human relationship from conception onwards.