With just over 25,000 contact hours working with the child from 15-36 months, Radicle Beginnings has accumulated an arsenal of tools to help you navigate the world of guiding the young child.  

Through consultations, engaging workshops and mentorships, Radicle Beginnings is here to help you implement the best possible prepared environment.  

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If you don't find what you are looking for in the list below, please reach out!  

Radicle Beginnings is more than happy to design a consultation, workshop or mentorship based on your needs. 

Designed to specifically meet the needs of each individual teacher, Radicle Beginnings consultations consist of an initial meeting to discuss our course of action.  Full email and phone support is available, along with observations of the child(ren), continued meetings, and assistance in purchasing materials to meet the needs of your environment.

Radicle Beginnings will come to you with comprehensive workshops designed to answer your questions and provide you with tools to succeed in a group setting.  Workshops vary in length from 1.5 hours to a full day session.    

Radicle Beginnings mentorships are designed for both new and existing teachers/guides.  These mentorships are more comprehensive than the consultations, consisting of multiple observations, one-on-one meetings, coaching, and collaboration.  We will work together to make your environment the best it can possibly be.  

  • Weekly 
  • Monthly 
  • Seasonal (4x/year:  fall, winter, spring and summer)
  • 2x Annually (fall/spring) 
  • Design Your Own