"Life is a continuum of natural 'separations' and 'attachments' but usually we look at the second as positive and the first ones are not.  Natural separations and attachments are the ones that happen at the right time and with the right help.  It is important to understand that both realities are part of the process of development and that we need both in order to continue to grow."

Dr. Silvana Montanaro, The Value of Separation

For the young child, separating from the parents can often cause an enormous amount of anxiety.  It can also leave the teacher/guide with an enormous task, to calm and reassure both the child and parents.  It is only through a foundation of trust ("I trust that Mom or Dad will come back to get me") that we begin to see the child and parent find strength and acceptance in the goodbyes and transitions of life.  

Together we will work on how to build trust with the child and parent, how best to say hello & goodbye with parents/caregivers, and we will discover ways to make the daily transitions of your community go as smooth as possible.    

When the time comes for a student to make the transition to the next level (around 3 years old) we will discuss signs of readiness, along with ways to help this transition go as positive as possible for the child, you, the new guide and the parents.