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Sometimes all you need to better serve the child is some quick and ready advice, assistance, clarification, further resources or an empathetic sounding board.

Welcome to the Questions Section!
Where I can help you help the child.

How It Works

Simply fill out the form below using subject line QUESTION and Venmo/Paypal/Cash App $25 or more based on the complexity of your inquiry.
You can also send a direct email to Nichole at

In 24-48 hours you will receive an email response answering your question and providing you with the necessary resources to help you help the child.



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If your inquiry/question requires more than a quick response you will be directed to the Consultation or Mentorship services, where your payment can be transferred to your consulting/mentoring fees.

If you are interested in those services now, please fill out a
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Radicle Beginnings is committed to serving all those serving the young child. Scholarships, sliding scale pricing and discount rates are available.