Nichole really provided us with a concrete idea of how to implement the Montessori philosophy. We look forward to having her support as we find our way through this crazy journey!

— Matt Herz, soon to be father of twins
As a new teacher, working through my Montessori training, Nichole observed and consulted with me over a couple of years. Her insights and feedback absolutely changed how I saw my role as an educator and gave me the confidence to work with my toddler students. Nichole also was an amazing resource when I encountered challenges over the years; providing practical solutions and advice that led to a deeper understanding of the child and my own teaching. I could not recommend another person more to assist parents and teachers on their journeys with children.
— Courtney, AMI trained guide and mother of two
Nichole has been working with our family for nearly a decade. We sought her counsel during tough toddler times through four children. She has a calm and thoughtful approach to child development. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to integrate a Montessori approach to their home and parenting.
— Amy, former teacher and mother of four
I have been blown away by Nichole’s passion for and expertise in helping to create environments for children to thrive and helping parents navigate the toddler years. Whether it was developing a plan for a beautiful play space for our children or advising us on how to talk with our 3 year old about moving to a new home, Nichole took the time to understand our unique needs and developed a plan that will make all of our upcoming transitions so much easier. She is an incredible resource for any family with young children and a wonderful person. I can’t recommend her highly enough.
— Emily Lockwood, mother of two
When I was hired to become a Toddler Directress of a classroom, I was not quite finished with my training. Nichole stepped in and became a mentor for me. We would meet weekly and she would help me set up my classroom. It was so great knowing that I had someone to help guide me.

I remember I could not wait to meet with her once a week. I would have my list all ready with all of my questions listed. She was always so patient and gave me the best advice, advice that I still use today. She helped me become a better human being, a better communicator, and an understanding teacher. I truly believe that If I would not have crossed paths with Nichole in my Montessori career I would not know everything I do today. She still inspires me till this day!
— Valene Rodriguez, mother of three and 0-3 AMI Trained Montessorian
I would often say to friends with babies around the same age as mine - “I wish there was a book specific to my child. I’m tired of digging through tons of information only to find a few snippets that actually apply to my child’s personality” And then we met Nichole! She observed and interacted with Elsie, learned what interested her and what made her frustrated and then used those findings to work with her (and us!). One place where we really benefitted from Nichole’s expertise and experience was toileting. She confidently and consistently guided us and Elsie through the process. It was not a quick process for us, but Nichole continuously came up with countless ways to achieve results that were specific to Elsie’s personality. She encouraged us through every step and cheered with us when Elsie succeeded! In short, Elsie’s transformation was amazing - her vocabulary and communication skills exploded and her ability to focus grew, all while maintaining her passionate, strong-willed self.
— Maura & Trevor Gauthier, parents of one
Nichole taught me so many skills as a parent that were rooted in Montessori philosophy: how to give choices, how to create a prepared environment, and how to treat kids as treasures filled with wisdom. Six years post-TC1 (the classroom where my daughter worked with Nicole), I still use those skills on our path to creating a better world for our daughter.
— Jennifer, mother of one
Several years ago we were waiting to adopt a child internationally. We were so excited- and one of the surreal aspects of adopting a baby is you don’t have a “normal” timeline. It could happen in two months. It could happen in 12 years. And so there was this feeling like we should be prepared- to make a nursery- find things that we could “do” while we were waiting. Nichole guided us to realize that we really should not have a crib. She also advised us to read The Absorbent Mind. We did one of those things with ease- the reading- and even took notes! What a mind expansive book. But the crib part was trickier....because that blew out of the water what nurseries look like. So we sort of sidestepped that one big piece of advice. Until our daughter came home. She was so upset. So scared. She had no idea who we were. She had no idea where she was or what was happening to her. We’d expected trauma but intellectually knowing that it’s inevitable in institutionalized children and actually having a plan about how to deal with it are completely different things. We put her into the crib ONE TIME and never did it again. We took it down the next day. We nodded to each other and said, “Nichole was SO RIGHT.” We scrambled to take apart the beautiful crib. Never looked back. Fast forward to almost 8 years later: Discussing via personal message the ins and outs of thumb sucking in children with Nichole. She is patient and kind and never judgmental. That baby that we brought home from the orphanage is now 8 and still sucking her thumb. Nichole brings to the table all of her learning and prompts of what positive conversations regarding “thumbkins” might sound like. How we might help move my daughter forward out of self soothing and into a more age appropriate way of dealing with reality. Then? She checks in a few weeks later. Totally random. “How are things with thumbkins?” she asks one day via personal messenger. I tell her that just yesterday my daughter declared herself done with thumbkins forever. Out of nowhere. We were driving in the car. She came up with this on her own. Which is to say that I’m so thankful for Nichole. And for the guidance and care she’s given our family. We live on the east coast but there is no distance there. She introduced us to the teachings of Maria Montessori and has changed the way our family lives.
— Mindy, mother of two