Table Setting
Problem solving. The Mathematical Mind. Concentration. Sequencing. Independence. Confidence. Worth. Satisfaction. These are some of the areas you'll see develop in your child when you invite them to contribute to life being lived in the home or school. 

Here we see Carter, 30 months old, setting the table for lunch. On the table cloths are sewn-in place markers for the cups, plates, spoons and forks to help guide him in his work. Notice that joyful step as he navigates this work on his own, with some gentle nods from me along the way. 

Spray Bottle Cleaning 
The young child thrives on activities based on reality.  What child hasn't seen an adult clean with a spray bottle? 

For this work, all you need is a small spray bottle and a towel.  I recommend adding a few drops of your favorite essential oil for the added benefit of freshening the air while your child cleans everything in your home or school. 

Flower Arranging
In the Montessori Toddler Community, flower arranging has the ability to captivate the child, aiding in the development of fine motor skills, problem solving, repetition, correction of one's errors, the mathematical mind, sequencing, and communication.  All the while adding such beauty to the space.  

For this work, all you need are a few beautiful vases, some fresh cut flowers, a small pitcher, a small funnel and access to a water source.  Small doilies certainly add in the beauty and order of the activity. 

Food Preparation - Spreading Apple Butter
In the Montessori environment, food preparation is a key tool in fostering a care of self & the environment, fine motor skills, communication, sequencing, and a love for food. 

This work is easy to replicate in the home. All you need is a butter-knife, small dishes, apple butter (or jam, butter, cream cheese, hummus, peanut butter, etc.) and bread (or crackers, rice cakes, tortillas, etc.)

Simply demonstrate how to spread, and then allow your child to follow suit.