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The Struggle is Essential, Navigating Hardships in the Toddler Environment
The question we must ask ourselves, is life easier if we shield the child from all stress, frustration, hardships and boundaries? In my opinion, absolutely not. In fact, this kind of protection mindset will make life much more difficult for them in the long run. One of our roles as a Toddler Guide is to provide essential life struggles, encourage the child to work hard, collaborate together all with the goal of preparing the child for life. A life with a foundation of confidence (I can), desire (I will) and the ability to ask for help (We can).
In this workshop we will also spend time exploring the ways in which the adult struggles, and how to best care for ourselves as we guide toddlers and young children.

Navigating Power Struggles
During toddlerhood, children go through an oppositional phase of development that begins when they start saying “no” and ends when they begin to use the personal pronoun “I.” This workshop will deepen your understanding of the developmental needs of toddlerhood and empower you with tools for navigating power struggles using language that offers freedom and sets appropriate limits.

Bathroom Independence
Your attitude is crucial in ensuring positive (or negative) results in your child’s learning to use the toilet. This workshop will empower you to find confidence, peace and patience with the process. We will discuss ways to setup and design your space to accommodate your child and foster independence. You will learn the language necessary to create a positive environment, allowing your child to figure out their body awareness and elimination process naturally.

The Role of the Adult In A Montessori Prepared Environment
The adult serving children has a task unlike any other, in fact, it’s my belief that it’s one of the toughest roles we undertake as humans. Together we will discuss ways to set appropriate boundaries, practice self-care, put aside our adult ego, and follow the 10 Commandments Dr. Montessori set forth for us.

Curriculum for Infants & Toddlers
What do you teach young children? This can be a confusing endeavor for new parents and guides/teachers. This workshop will empower you with lessons, environment set-up, ages & stages of the first three years of life, and ways to provide a rich environment in which the child(ren) can learn and grow. This is a great workshop of nannies & babysitters!

Food & Community During the First Three Years of Life
Why is food and community important during the early years of life? Our interaction and relationship with food is an important, but often undervalued one. Together we will discuss how this relationship builds community, enriches language and communication, protects the earth, holds us accountable, is unifying, helps continue family stories and history, establishes quality & caring relationships and builds self-worth & self-esteem - “I am a contributing member of my community.”

Literacy From Birth, You Are Your Child’s First Teacher
From 7 months in utero to about 6yo your child is in a sensitive period for language. Together we will discuss ways to foster, enrich, and build a foundation for literacy and communication that will last a lifetime.

Create Your Own
Don’t see what you are in need of on the list above? Reach out anytime to discuss and design a workshop that is right for your school, home or community.


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